Farmers Agents Should Sell Medicare

No Customer Service Nightmare

You don’t have to be the middle man for your customers! They contact their insurance provider directly, letting you focus on finding new customers.

More Opportunities to Make Sales

Why let someone else sell Medicare to your customers? Increase your sales opportunities by offering options for more complete coverage.

Greater Residual Income & Faster Growth

Medicare plans pay much higher rates than Property & Casualty, meaning the value of your book of business can quickly skyrocket!

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About ABC Medicare

Selling Medicare allows you to be a one-stop-shop, build residuals three times faster with fewer clients and have less customer service calls. ABC Medicare is the fastest growing FMO in the US. Our goal is to make Medicare Simple! We are your back office when it comes to Medicare.

With us, you are an independent agent and receive 100% of your commissions. This means your book of business belongs to you.

Our comprehensive training program will help you study for your health insurance License, receive training on how Medicare works and how to Market Medicare and walks your through the steps on how to get contracted with health carriers. We want to help you build your business!

Less Customer Service

Do you spend a lot of time putting out fires for your current clients? Does it take time away from finding new clients? When your P&C clients call you everyday to talk about their claims, deductibles, plans, etc. that is taking away valuable time that could be spent gathering more clients. With Medicare clients, you don’t have to worry about customer service calls ringing off the hook.

Medicare clients require very little maintenance because they contact the carriers directly when there is an issue. The carriers handle most issues with claims, pricing, etc. so that they can have better ratings, meaning you don’t have to be the middleman. Your time can be spent elsewhere. Less maintenance means more time to bring in new clients. More new clients means more sales and more residuals next year.

More Sales Opportunities

Have you ever had to turn clients away because you do not offer Medicare products? Do you refer them to outside agencies? If so, you’re watching dollars walk out the door! Imagine all of your clients that are turning 65 this year- most of them will need help with their Medicare. Don’t you want to be the person they come to for help?

Clients like to bundle their insurance, agents that are a one-stop-shop will be the agents they go to for everything. If that’s not you, it should be! Not only will you grow a larger book of business just by selling Medicare, but your happy clients will refer their friends to you, allowing you to gain positive reviews and exponential income. We can help get you licensed and contracted to sell Medicare products, so you never have to turn a client away again.

Earn Higher Commission & Residuals

When you sell an insurance plan- you receive a residual income. What if you could triple your residual income and received 100% of your commissions?  Medicare plans provide you with residuals that can increase your yearly income with fewer clients. Isn’t that what every business is looking for? 


Agent Testimonials

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Once you help someone with their Medicare, there is no need to cross sell them; they will come to you and ask for help with their other policies.

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